Year: 2010

Sleeping like a baby

Here’s some evidence (or a reminder for me, really) that at times Mara does sleep soundly:

(I had to stop mid-post because Mara just woke up from another nap.)

Busy week

Mara turned three weeks old this week, surpassed her birth weight, and, we bought a house!

Hectic times, to say the least. We weren’t expecting to get a house so soon but the timing just seemed to work out this way, much to our surprise.

Baby shower results

Back in May some of my friends threw me a baby shower in Ottawa, and each of them tried to guess the birth date, weight, and gender of the baby. Here were the guesses:
I’d say that Kristina was the winner!

(No one would have guessed the 8 lb 2.5 oz birth weight, though!)

Mara has arrived

Just a quick post to announce that our daughter Mara has arrived! We were so happy to finally meet her. I’m hoping to post more photos later. My parents and Cullen were up on the weekend and it was nice for all of us to spend some time together.