Beautiful day

Winter in Ottawa seemed to last forever this year – people have been complaining about it for months! This morning the temperature was between 10-17 C and it was absolutely beautiful outside. I asked Mara if she would like to bike to school, and she gave me an excited “Yes!” We headed out 5 minutes before her bus would have picked her up and the bus passed us on the way, but we made it on time! Just under 20 minutes door to door. 

Tessa really wanted to play in the school yard (once she realized going into the building with Mara wasn’t an option). When I told her we couldn’t play there during the school day we decided to go to an outdoor playgroup instead. Everyone was so happy to be outside! 

Here are Tessa and I once we got back home:


We passed so many people happy to be outside in the nice weather. Yay for springtime!