Tessa napped nicely again today (new trend where she practically puts herself to bed – this is so strange for me…), and I managed to bake muffins AND cookies. I’m not sure whether I have ever baked muffins and cookies on the same day before. 

Tessa liked the muffins enough to ask for a second one, but says ‘no’ to the cookies. I’ve been on a sort of mini-quest to find high-fibre, low-sugar homemade treats for Mara. Not much success so far (when I made some that I called “Cookie Monster muffins” I was met with disappointment because they didn’t actually look like Cookie Monster). 

This is what I tried today:

Just don’t tell Mara they contain bananas, applesauce or oatmeal! For the muffins (using the banana bread recipe, baked about 25 min.), I used extra applesauce and a combo of maple syrup and brown sugar in place of honey (less than 1/2 cup in total). For the cookies, I added about a 1/2 cup of chocolate chips instead of raisins and used our regular milk. 

To be honest, I’m expecting a less than enthusiastic response from Mara, but I found these to be incredibly tasty! (And I do not always say that about my baking…)