Sweetest morning greeting

Tessa has taken to waking up earlier than Mara and finds it difficult to wait for her to wake up. We have to keep shushing her requests for “Mara?” – it’s such a novelty for Mara to sleep in, we don’t want to disturb this!

Once we hear Mara waking up or see her light go on, we tell Tessa she can go in to say good morning. She waddles over and we can hear a sweet little voice say: ” ‘Morning”. 

Earlier this week, after Tessa greeted Mara I heard the following…

“Tessa, guess what? Granny and Grumps are coming today! They will come when I get home from school. They will be here at the end of the day…”

And then Tessa’s little voice: “Granny?! Grumps?!?”

It was so sweet to overhear this. Mara loves when relatives visit and is just learning how to wait for their arrivals, but Tessa is normally caught totally off-guard. It was nice for her to get this heads-up!