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Photos of a miniature village!

Due to popular demand (thanks, Mary!) here are some photos of my recent visit to Cullen Gardens and Miniature Village.

The main street (with the shop windows you can see inside, and the Santa Claus parade in December) and the little white house (that’s on fire! Look at the hole in the roof – you might be able to see the flames poking out!) have always been my favourites. James seemed to like the train that circled around “Cottage Country” the best.

Neither of us were crazy about the life-sized rendition of the manger scene (we walked past shepherds, sheep, angels, Mary and Joseph in a manger – with live barn animals). Something unsettling about seeing displays of large statues right after spending 30 minutes immersed in a “miniature” village.

Oh, my other favourite thing there: the male peacock. We couldn’t get him to open his tail to show the coloured feathers.

At the entrance, one last time

Rumour has it that Cullen Gardens is closing this January! When I heard about this, I convinced James to visit the miniature village with me one last time (James’ first time taking the tour, though).

Here’s me standing outside the main gates, ready to go in.