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To Alberta and back

Mara was a model baby on the trip to Alberta last week. Travelling with our stroller wouldn’t have been practical, so we were lucky that Mara finally started to enjoy being taken along in the baby carrier.

Here we are in the food court at the West Edmonton Mall:

The temperature was much colder than we’re used to (so far this fall, at least). Minus 38! Mara wasn’t impressed with being bundled up, but she loved visiting with all her cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends of the family we introduced her to in Red Deer and Calgary.

Labour Day in NYC

I went to visit Shelley in New York! Really neat to see where she lives. Awesome location, so close to central spots I’ve heard of. We were able to walk just about everywhere. I went shopping on Broadway, and talked Shelley into seeing a show in Times Square. We also met up with one or two people that I knew from university, which was fun. Shelley showed me the area where her office is and we went shopping in SoHo 🙂 Nice break away from French classes.

Speedy plus lazy

Much to our amazement and delight, the VIA trip back to Ottawa was a speedy one! Luckily, James and I didn’t have a hedgehog along to interfere with our scheduled stop.

The first week back feels like it’s been a busy one. Yesterday we managed to be VERY lazy and ended up watching many episodes of Battlestar Galactica (which I’m surprised to find that I enjoy, although James may now have watched a few episodes too many).