Sweetest morning greeting

Tessa has taken to waking up earlier than Mara and finds it difficult to wait for her to wake up. We have to keep shushing her requests for “Mara?” – it’s such a novelty for Mara to sleep in, we don’t want to disturb this!

Once we hear Mara waking up or see her light go on, we tell Tessa she can go in to say good morning. She waddles over and we can hear a sweet little voice say: ” ‘Morning”. 

Earlier this week, after Tessa greeted Mara I heard the following…

“Tessa, guess what? Granny and Grumps are coming today! They will come when I get home from school. They will be here at the end of the day…”

And then Tessa’s little voice: “Granny?! Grumps?!?”

It was so sweet to overhear this. Mara loves when relatives visit and is just learning how to wait for their arrivals, but Tessa is normally caught totally off-guard. It was nice for her to get this heads-up!

New words, yesterday

Tessa said “cucumber” yesterday, for the first time. She loves cucumbers right now! It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. 

And she’s picked up a new phrase: “Oh, man!” She said this yesterday morning, after repeatedly dropping a bucket filled with toys…

Beautiful day

Winter in Ottawa seemed to last forever this year – people have been complaining about it for months! This morning the temperature was between 10-17 C and it was absolutely beautiful outside. I asked Mara if she would like to bike to school, and she gave me an excited “Yes!” We headed out 5 minutes before her bus would have picked her up and the bus passed us on the way, but we made it on time! Just under 20 minutes door to door. 

Tessa really wanted to play in the school yard (once she realized going into the building with Mara wasn’t an option). When I told her we couldn’t play there during the school day we decided to go to an outdoor playgroup instead. Everyone was so happy to be outside! 

Here are Tessa and I once we got back home:


We passed so many people happy to be outside in the nice weather. Yay for springtime!  


Tessa napped nicely again today (new trend where she practically puts herself to bed – this is so strange for me…), and I managed to bake muffins AND cookies. I’m not sure whether I have ever baked muffins and cookies on the same day before. 

Tessa liked the muffins enough to ask for a second one, but says ‘no’ to the cookies. I’ve been on a sort of mini-quest to find high-fibre, low-sugar homemade treats for Mara. Not much success so far (when I made some that I called “Cookie Monster muffins” I was met with disappointment because they didn’t actually look like Cookie Monster). 

This is what I tried today:

Just don’t tell Mara they contain bananas, applesauce or oatmeal! For the muffins (using the banana bread recipe, baked about 25 min.), I used extra applesauce and a combo of maple syrup and brown sugar in place of honey (less than 1/2 cup in total). For the cookies, I added about a 1/2 cup of chocolate chips instead of raisins and used our regular milk. 

To be honest, I’m expecting a less than enthusiastic response from Mara, but I found these to be incredibly tasty! (And I do not always say that about my baking…)

2 Stories

First, during Mara’s bedtime last night…

Mara has been announcing lately what she would like to be one day. A couple of days ago she decided on teacher. Last night, she said she would like to be a teacher most days of the week and a doctor on Fridays. I said she could be a doctor who teaches other doctors, but no, she wants to teach kids. This morning the list of occupations had grown: teacher, doctor, horse rider, adventurer (like in Wild Kratts), and one other thing. I can’t remember the fifth job and will have to check with her again. The list will have changed again by then, of course…

And then, this morning…

Tessa is a super helpful kid. She likes to clean her own tray after a meal and is sort of at the stage a lot of kids go through where brooms are really fun, etc. She also LOVES going outside, especially if it means helping Mara on or off of the bus. This morning I was talking with Mara about how she had to get ready as soon as she was done brushing her teeth, and with that, Tessa appeared at the bathroom door with Mara’s boots in her hands. She delivered them to Mara, left the room, returned promptly with her own boots, and then repeated the process with my boots. I said, “Tessa, Mara needs to put on her snow pants first, then she can put on her boots.” So, Tessa left the room and came back with Mara’s snow pants! We put them on as soon as Mara finished brushing her teeth. When we left the room, Tessa helped us get Mara’s feet into her boots and then brought over Mara’s scarf, followed by her mittens (which were found under a bench warming on the heating vent – I only put Mara’s mittens here, and I didn’t realize Tessa knew this!). I think Tessa also handed us Mara’s coat, but I can’t be sure. In the midst of all this, Mara exclaimed: “Did Tessa pull my pants over my boots?!?” This is usually the last but very important step in getting Mara ready. But I had to tell Mara, no, I did that for her. She loved having Tessa’s help with all of this. It really was something to see!