Year: 2009

Catch up

I haven’t written much in my blog over the past couple of years (pretty much since I returned from my trip in 2006, the trip where I wrote as often as I could). So I was thinking I’ll go back and add information now from the past 2-3 years just to have a record of what I’ve been up to. I’m planning to post-date the entries, so they should show up in the right chronological order. Wish me luck!


For the past couple of years now, James and I have been playing a lot of board games. It’s neat, because most of the board games are more fun than we remember games being when we were kids. One game I keep telling James about that I really liked when I was younger was a memory game where you had to match flags from around the world. My family still has this game in our basement, but I’m sure it’s missing some of the tiles and we haven’t been able to find a recent version (our one was probably circa 1982 so some of the flags will be outdated).

Anyway, today I found an online game called Guess the Flag! This quiz doesn’t end, but it’s a good way to review how many flags you can recognize. If you don’t already know all the flags of the world, the game itself is part memory game, part process of elimination, and part good guessing. It also serves as a bit of a history/geography lesson, since you get to see which islands belong to which countries.