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Yup, we’re waiting

So, we’ve passed the 40 week mark and we’re really just waiting for things to get started. By this time next week everything should be underway (if not sooner!).

It’s worked out well having this time to get things sorted. Over the past week we’ve managed to get a few more things done around the apartment (extra baby-related laundry, some wall decorations for the room, etc.). Our remaining to-do list is pretty short now, though, so we’ll be happy to get things moving.

Here’s a photo of James and me in the room (Note: The walls no longer contain our diplomas as decoration!):

After dinner tonight we went to see the construction of the Chinatown arch over Somerset Street. It’s a really big project, and James has been seeing the different stages unfold on his walk to work.

39 weeks

Here’s the latest photo:

What’s funny to me is that people (strangers I meet at stores, in the elevator, etc.) keep asking how far along I am. I think they expect me to say 7 months or something like that, and when I say 9 months (it’s actually closer to 10 now), they try to hide how startled they are. My check-ups show that the size is right, though, so it’s just a matter of waiting now.

Friday – last day at work!

One last photo of me on my way to work…

I think it will feel strange not going in next week!

On the bus ride home, I had another “front of the bus” pregnancy/childbirth discussion with a stranger. I probably won’t have to take the bus again for a while, either!

Last week of work

I thought we should take some pictures of how I look in work clothes at the moment, since pretty soon I won’t have to dress for work…

This morning:

Tuesday morning (in the room where we are still organizing things for the baby):

Monday night (this is not how I’ve been dressing for work!):

Second anniversary

James took us away for our second anniversary. The room where we stayed was pretty fancy, and even had its own name!