Year: 2004

BiblioTravel downtime

James is visiting me in Ottawa for the long weekend. He did a lot of work on the BiblioTravel server before coming up here, but as luck would have it the server went down yesterday (and it isn’t possible to correct the problem remotely!). Everything should be up and running by Tuesday night, at the regular address:

Coronation Street spoilers

Wondering where to find out what’s in store for Coronation Street in months to come? The ITV Web site has many spoilers for North American viewers (some of the characters mentioned are ones I haven’t even heard of yet…).

Looking for books set in places?

Many thanks to James Schellenberg for helping me to get started with this blog! James co-created BiblioTravel with me a few years ago, and he continues to amaze me with the energy he puts into keeping the site up-to-date and interesting…

BiblioTravel is an ideal site to check out if you are planning to travel this summer. You can get ideas for books to take along with you, or find suggestions for what to read to prepare you for your destination.