Year: 2010

Tree behind our place

Last year I noticed a little tree behind our apartment building. It’s a fairly small, almost scrawny thing, but I liked how it was sort of growing around a rock. What also surprised me was how quickly it went from being all branches to having lots of little buds, to being in full bloom. The look of the tree really changed drastically. Over the course of the summer, I wished I had taken pictures of the different stages (by the time I realized this, it seemed a little late to start). I thought at the time that if we were still living in this apartment the next year, I should try to take photos of it. So here’s the first one…

My plan is to take one photo of it a month, starting roughly in April and going through the summer (if that’s possible for me this year!). Since today ended up being a warm and sunny day in Ottawa, I thought I should take the picture now. Other trees nearby are just starting to bud, and I didn’t want to miss the all-branch stage.

I also took a photo of this chalk drawing a few steps away. It looks like something I would draw if I were to doodle on the sidewalk.

New addition

James and I finally got a dishwasher!

This is a really big deal for us. Having a dishwasher was pretty much the number one reason on our list of why we’d even consider buying a house, so it’s a relief to take that off as a priority (so now we only have to get a house if we are actually ready to buy a house).

Using the dishwasher is such a novelty right now. I think James ran the fourth load of dishes through it today (fourth since having it delivered to us on Thursday last week).

Here I am standing in front of the dishwasher:

And here James is getting ready to unload the (clean!) dishes:

We wheel the dishwasher into the kitchen when we’re ready to run it. So far, we’re pretty happy to have this as an option.

What I’ve been reading

I’ve managed to read a lot lately (or at least I think so) — it might be because of not being sure whether I’ll be able to find time to read this much a few months from now, but James and I are still in denial about our lifestyles changing that much. Anyway, I still thought I’d note what I’ve been able to read in recent months.

Novels finished reading since September 2009:

A Walk in the Woods
The Thorn Birds
The Night Watch
Foreign Tongue: A Novel of Life and Love in Paris
Julie and Julia
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Adrian Mole: The Prostrate Years

Plus I’ve read or skimmed various books related to pregnancy. But, I’m behind on my book club reading!

So I’ve put on a little weight…

Well, I think this is actually the most my weight has ever increased within such a short period of time (4-5 months). I don’t really feel all that different, and I would say that most people that see me don’t even guess that I’m pregnant. The people who work with me everyday can really see the changes, though! And every time my family sees me, they can tell just how different my shape is from what it has typically been.

Here’s a photo from about 2.5 weeks ago, the day we had a 19-week ultrasound done:

I guess we should tidy our apartment a bit!

James took another photo tonight, for comparison:

(And I had thought I wouldn’t look any different in this picture — I guess I’m getting used to the shape.)