Has rattle, may shake it

It’s been an incredibly busy couple of months. The move into the house started at the end of July and kept going for the first two weeks of August. It feels like it’s been ages already since we’ve been here, so I have to keep reminding myself that only a few weeks have passed and it really isn’t bad that there are still boxes to unpack. Thankfully, Cullen and my cousin Colette were able to help us with the first stages of unpacking. We also had other relatives come up over the course of the month to help us get settled a bit (and to play with Mara).

Last week Mara held a rattle for the first time. She also shook it a bit, which made me very excited! A few days later I saw her pass the rattle from one hand to the other, but I think this actually happened by accident since it hasn’t happened again.