Tag: Life in Ottawa

Snow Day

Mara and I were supposed to go to a class this morning, but it got cancelled due to weather. So this is Mara’s first official snow day! The snow has been falling constantly, and she really loves watching it out the window. Mara also spent a bit of time playing on her own, which I appreciate (when it happens!).

Busy week

Mara turned three weeks old this week, surpassed her birth weight, and, we bought a house!

Hectic times, to say the least. We weren’t expecting to get a house so soon but the timing just seemed to work out this way, much to our surprise.

Ticket to Ride, plus others

Back in November James held one of his SF Symposiums, where he gets his friends together to watch movies on a particular theme. This time the theme was ‘Mind/games,’ so Martha and Chris brought along a few of their favourite board games, which seemed appropriate. We played Ticket to Ride Europe and even though it was baffling the first time through, we couldn’t wait to play it again (and again). Now we play that and a bunch of other games that James and Mike have come across. It seems as soon as we show these games to others, they have the same reaction to them as we do. It’s like being kids again! (Only these games are even more fun than the ones I remember from childhood.)

Unexpected treat

One of the great things about my French classes is that they are downtown. Getting there takes me about 20 minutes door-to-door on foot, but there is enough time for me to come home to my apartment for lunch time. This is such a treat! I’m used to buying lunches at work, so it’s really a novelty for me to be able to eat my own food at home. I also really like seeing my apartment during the day (I’m used to missing most daylight hours there!). A bonus is that it seems there is a musician living directly above my unit. During lunchtime, I get to hear a practice guitar session, which I really like. Not something I hear where I’m there at night!

Classic Ottawa promo

Went with Martina to see Bernadette Peters at the National Arts Centre. After leaving the show, we ran into 3 tourists from Calgary who wanted to have their picture taken. Martina asked them what they thought about Ottawa. Their response: “Oh, it’s not too bad.”

One for the brochures, that’s for sure!