Year: 2011

First trip to the wading pool

One of the parks nearby has a wading pool that seems to be very popular. It just opened for the summer last week, so I was planning to take Mara today. She totally cooperated with putting on her swimsuit, hat and sunscreen!

But it turned out that the wading pool is only open Tuesday – Friday. So we’ll have to try again later this week. Note to self: disposable swimming diapers are not as absorbent as regular diapers! Must change Mara next time if planning to run errands after leaving the park.

She’s walking!

About a week and a half before her first birthday Mara started taking her first independent steps! We were in Prince George, B.C., and she walked towards James (I wasn’t in the room!). James got her to recreate this for me a few moments later. So for about a week she would take 2-3 steps now and then until two days before her birthday when she fully walked 14 steps without stopping. Now she knows she can walk, but it still only seems to happen when she is fairly distracted. The first couple of times were when she had food in her hands and didn’t seem to realize she was walking on her own.

It’s a pretty exciting new skill to have! For the most part, though, Mara seems to still like crawling around in her old manner, just for the sheer speed it allows her.

We have to thank Uncle Harry for the walking tutorial he gave Mara the morning of her first steps. It seemed to do the trick!

Green, yay!

After what felt like a very long winter (especially March!), it is so nice to have Ottawa turn green. And we now have a front lawn! And a tree! And tulips in our garden! It is such a treat… hard to believe that just over a month ago our yard was buried in a huge amount of snow.

Mara and I made it to the park yesterday afternoon and she got to play in the sand for the first time. She managed to get one or two small handfuls of sand in her mouth quickly, but not too much. I think she really liked it! And the swings are still a hit (either on her own in a baby swing or on my lap in a big swing).

Cute sendoff

Well, Mara definitely does know how to wave now!

We got up early enough to see James off this morning. As he was heading out the door, Mara started waving her arm — this time I’m certain it was a conscious attempt at a good-bye wave. It was so sweet! We waved out the two windows as James walked along the path, and then Mara said something that sounded like ‘bye’…

Mara is mobile

We can finally say that Mara is crawling!

A few weeks ago she started moving independently, but it was mostly a motion that pushed her backwards along the floor (usually into a corner, making things a little easier on me). I didn’t define this as crawling, but others who saw Mara moving told me I could call it that.

After that, she started getting from one place to the other but in a mysterious sort of way. There wasn’t real crawling action but she would find some way of wriggling from one spot to the other. It was hard for her to cover much ground, but she could make her way around the table (for example). I would be sitting with her and see her move but still be surprised that she could, somewhat slowly, make her way along.

Then this weekend she came up with a sideways motion that lets her move forward in a straight line. She can actually decide where she’s going, and get there! It’s amazing to see how this reduces her frustration level. So it seems she favours the crab-crawl style — two hands in front, one knee on the ground, and the other off to the side a bit. Means that she can easily move to sitting if she wants, which we think she likes. I’ve seen her get into the full crawling position a couple of times as well, but she hasn’t been able to really put that into action yet.

Short video of her crawling to come!

In other news:

  • Mara is napping in her crib, for the third day in a row! (Yes, this is actually note-worthy for me. Mara’s usual nap position is in someone’s arms.)
  • Mara now says a version of ‘mum’ on a regular basis (and not just when she’s crying).
  • Mara also seems to have a version of the word ‘dad’ that she’s working on. Sounds a little more like ‘papa,’ which she came up with on her own (I have been prompting for ‘dad’ or ‘daddy’ but she doesn’t go for D sounds so far…).