Caught in the rain

Mara was having an odd sort of morning today. She slept fairly soundly after waking her dad up beforeĀ  6 am, and got up around 9:10 am with a confused look on her face as if to say, “How did I sleep so long? And where am I?”

She wouldn’t get into her seat for breakfast, but I managed to get her to eat some cereal while sitting on my lap. We also nursed on the couch a bit during a thunderstorm. Yesterday had been very active, with us going to Babytime at the library in the morning and then to the park (wading pool and playground) in the afternoon. But with all the storms forecast for today I thought we’d just stay in.

That didn’t seem like the right plan for Mara today, though. Between rain showers I ended up putting her in the carrier and we walked to the plaza down the street. I hadn’t eaten anything myself yet, so we walked to Starbucks for me to get something. I only had $10 on my since I had left the diaper bag at home and luckily my order came to that exactly (expensive!).

Mara was suddenly in a very good mood, and totally won over the mother and young daughter at another table. I think she wanted to invite them to come home with us!

On our way home, the next rain storm started (thankfully, no thunder this time!). We got absolutely drenched, but Mara seemed quite happy.

Now we’re all dried off and just need some lunch…